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Contestants Eat ‘Brains’ For Chance To Compete Against Kobayashi

To celebrate the launch of their new Walking Dead scratch game, the Minnesota state lottery held a special eating contest.


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Good Question: How Much Of Our Brain’s Power Do We Really Use?

If we could only use more of our brain power, we’d be able to really conquer the world. After all, we only use about 10 percent of our brain’s potential, right?


A test subject observes his observers in a re-enactment from Cha

Movie Blog: Rats, Brains, Secrets And Cigarettes

Addiction Incorporated, despite its dull and archaic-tasting title, is an engaging documentary about the science suppressed by the smoking industry and the people’s struggle to uncover the truth about what the arrogant, intimidating, obscenely rich tobacco bigwigs knew and withheld about the addictiveness of cigarettes.