Dudley Riggs Releases New BookRiggs is having a book launch this Wednesday at Brave New Workshop.
Brave New Workshop Looking For Your IdeasThe series gives professionals a chance to help spark their creative thinking and behaviors.
MNfusion: BNW's 'Martini And Olive' Discuss Christmas Cabaret Lounge ActConcocted by Judy Heneghan and Grant Richey in 1992, "Martini and Olive" is a comedy cabaret featuring Tony Martini and Olive Newton John – 1970s Midwestern lounge singers who love Christmas. Along with their manager Vince Vinisky, Heneghan's husband Peter Staloch, and the Swizzle Stick Dancers, they are pouring a glass of Christmas cheer served in a cabaret-lounge show.
MNfusion: Brave New Workshop Steps Into The Spotlight With New Book"One of the Minnesota traits that I don't respect is that we're not bold enough to tell the world how awesome we are. I think we've been a very quiet, important theater for a long time. Perhaps too long."
Best Places To See Stand Up Comedy In MinnesotaFive Minnesota must-see comedy clubs are worth your consideration.
Pet Blog: 50 Shades Of Grey(hounds)E. L. James' literary masterwork, "Fifty Shades Of Grey," and its subsequent film adaptation may not be up everyone's, um, alley. But adorably, cuddly-wuddly greyhound puppies gathered in one place? You have to have less of a soul than Christian Grey not to get psyched!
'50 Shades Of Greyhound' A Hot Ticket This Valentine's DayThe book was a best seller, now the movie takes center stage this weekend. Trailers for "50 Shades of Grey" on YouTube have hit 250 million views. To be sure, the movie is quite the hot ticket this Valentine's Day weekend. Some women are making a girls' night of it, others are taking their honeys.
Best Improv Comedy In MinnesotaFor a night of unscripted laughs, check out Minnesota's best in improv comedy.
Kluwe Tries To Spark Gay Marriage Talk, Gets ‘Empty Chair Debate’ He's being called the "unlikely spokesperson" for the pro-gay marriage cause.
Best Neighborhood Gems: MinneapolisOkay. So I am going to start off with a disclaimer saying, there are many great places to enjoy in each neighborhood of Minneapolis. For this list, I am going to keep it simple. Are you ever invited with a group of friends to an area you are really not that familiar with? Do you want to be the “smart friend?" Well this one’s for you.
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