Brittani Senser

(credit: Minnesota Department Of Corrections)

Brittani Senser Talks To Media, Releases Single

While Amy Senser spent her first full day behind bars, her step-daughter Brittani Senser appeared on national TV and released a new single.


(credit: Eric Nelson)

Stepdaughter’s Testimony To Continue In Senser Trial

Amy Senser’s stepdaughter is expected to take the stand again on Wednesday morning as the fatal hit-and-run trial continues.


(credit: CBS)

Stepdaughter Takes The Stand In Amy Senser Case

Amy Senser’s hit-and-run trial continued on Tuesday with fireworks from her own stepdaughter, Brittani, along with chilling testimony from witnesses who saw Anousone Phantahvong’s lifeless body on the Interstate 94 Riverside exit in Minneapolis.


(credit: CBS)

Lawyer: The Prosecution Will Throw The Kitchen Sink At Senser

Amy Senser will take the stand in an attempt to convince jurors she didn’t know she hit a person with her car last summer.