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Leaders Work To ‘Button Up’ Budget Bills For Special Session

Makeshift House and Senate chambers have been arranged for an impending special session. Now all state leaders need are final budget bills for lawmakers to vote on. House Speaker Kurt Daudt said Tuesday that a session this week is still a possibility as long as lingering issues with three budget bills and two other pieces of legislation can be addressed by Wednesday.


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Budget Bill Removes Disclosure For Bringing Guns To Capitol

Minnesotans with gun permits could carry a gun onto state Capitol grounds without tipping off the state under a House budget bill. Current state law requires to gun owners to notify state officials before bringing a gun into the Capitol and other state buildings.


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Under Bill, 84-Year-Old Could Get Another Shot At A Deer

An 84-year-old hunter who asked Minnesota lawmakers for help bagging another deer may get his wish. A provision tucked in House Republicans’ budget bill for environmental and natural resource agencies would allow hunters 84 and older to kill a doe without a permit.


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Dayton Signs Session’s Biggest Money Bills

Gov. Mark Dayton has signed a trio of major bills that he says will help Minnesota’s economic growth. The governor was surrounded by legislative Democrats on Tuesday as he signed the tax, budget and construction project bills without a single line-item veto.


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Adjournment Fever Hits Legislature, Pace Quickens

Last-minute deals are coming together at Minnesota’s Capitol, which means final votes are closing in on $1 billion in construction authorization, a budget bill and tax cuts. The pace quickened Thursday as lawmakers faced a weekend deadline to complete their session.


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12-18-13 Senator Al Franken On The Morning News With Dave Lee

Click the link to listen to Senator Franken’s reaction to the budget compromise.


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Plan To Boost Lawmaker Pay In Minn. Budget Bill

Minnesota lawmakers would get their first pay boosts since the late 1990s under a budget proposal rolled out Tuesday in the Senate that also includes salary increases for the governor and top agency leaders.


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Dayton’s Bonding Bill Focuses On Job Creation

Gov. Mark Dayton focused on jobs as he unveiled the details of his bonding proposal for the 2012 legislative session, which included issuing $775 milion in bonds for construction projects.


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Minn. Schools Budget Sets New Teacher Evaluations

An education bill that presents a new approach to the evaluation of Minnesota public school teachers is among the myriad policy changes included in a pile of recently signed budget measures being dealt with by state workers, who flocked back to their offices Thursday after a three-week government shutdown.


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Reality Check: Minn. Budget Bill’s State Workforce Cuts

Minnesota’s laid off state workers are back on the job after the governor and legislature reached a budget deal, but they face more cuts with the compromise to end the 20-day shutdown.


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Esme’s Blog: Leadership Returns To Minnesota

Sometimes leadership means having to say your sorry to your supporters and embrace a position that you deeply oppose in order to achieve a greater good. That is exactly what happened Thursday as Gov. Mark Dayton and Republican leaders agreed to a budget deal to end the government shutdown.


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State Workers’ Mixed Reactions To Deal To End Shutdown

While many of Minnesota’s more than 22,000 laid-off workers are excited to hear they could soon be returning to work, not all of them are happy about the way they would return to work.


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Reality Check: ‘99.5 Percent Agreement’ On Budget Bill?

In the two weeks since Minnesota’s shutdown began, Republican House and Senate leaders have called five times for Gov. Mark Dayton to call a special session. They say the shutdown is “completely unnecessary” because there’s agreement on almost every aspect of the major budget bill.


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Minn. Government Shutdown Puts Lives On Hold

Lyda Hanson thought she was one of the lucky ones. Even before graduating from beauty school, she landed a job at a “perfect” salon and was ready to get started on her dream career.


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Legislature Sends Dayton A Budget; Veto Likely

The Minnesota Legislature has sent a full set of budget bills to Gov. Mark Dayton.


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Minn. Legislature OKs Cuts To Health Care Programs

A budget bill that would slice into projected spending on health care and social services programs is on its way to Gov. Mark Dayton, who opposes the legislation.


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Minn. House Passes GOP-Favored Tax Budget Bill

The Minnesota House has approved a tax budget bill unlikely to get support from Gov. Mark Dayton.


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Work On Minn. Budget Bills Expected To Pick Up

Top Republican lawmakers say they expect work to pick up on budget negotiations between the House and Senate this week.


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Dayton Gives Lawmakers 10 Days To Send Him Budget

Gov. Mark Dayton is asking Minnesota’s Republican-controlled Legislature days to send him a full set of budget bills within 10 days.


Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty speaks at the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition Event March 7, 2011 in Waukee, Iowa. (credit: Steve Pope/Getty Images)

Pawlenty: Reject Budget Bill That Avoids Shutdown

Republican presidential contender Tim Pawlenty says a spending deal that avoided a government shutdown should be rejected.


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Minn. House Poised To Vote On Deep Health Cuts

The Minnesota House prepared to vote Wednesday on deep cuts to projected health and welfare spending, the last in a lineup of budget bills, as Republicans who run the Legislature finished their opening offer to solve the state’s $5 billion deficit.


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K-12 Bill Clears Senate; House Debates Safety Bill

Lawmakers capped a week of budget debate Thursday with a Senate vote for a school funding bill shifting money away from urban districts and House approval of a crime package that toughens sex offender sentences while slashing the budget for Minnesota’s anti-discrimination office.


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Budget Bills Take Center Stage At Minn. Capitol

The Minnesota House of Representatives voted Monday to cut state income and property taxes on businesses while slashing aid to several large cities, fulfilling key Republican priorities and setting the table for a conflict with Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton.


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Wis. Teacher Reacts To Controversial Budget Bill

Jarrod Hamdorf has been a math teacher for ten years. His wife’s been a Spanish teacher for nine. They both have master’s degrees. Even though they’re established in their careers, they’re both considering leaving the field.


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Cuts To Cities Made Temporary In Minn. Budget Bill

Legislative Republicans pushing a $1 billion package of spending cuts have softened the long-term effect on cities and counties.