Cafe Cyan

(credit: Crystal Grobe)

Bite Of Minnesota: Nuworld Cream Sauce

Every so often, I visit the U of M Dairy Salesroom and pick up a few cheeses. Last time, I purchased a tub of Nuworld cheese spread. Nuworld is a cheese developed at the U of M and is considered a white “blue” cheese instead of the more traditional blue veined blue cheese.


(credit: Crystal Grobe)

Bite Of Minnesota: Habanero Hot Sauce

Have a hankering for hot sauce but can’t seem to find a brand you like? Have you tried making your own? We grew habaneros in our container garden this year with the hopes of creating a hot sauce.


(credit: Crystal Grobe)

Bite Of Minnesota: Strawberry Goat Cheese Squares

On Sunday morning I made a mad dash for Lorence’s Berry Farm in Northfield and picked 16 pounds of strawberries just before a storm came through. The fields had plenty of berries to pick and they were large, juicy, and delicious.


(credit: Crystal Grobe)

Bite Of Minnesota: Roasted Salmon With Lemon Sage Mustard

Last year I talked about the new salmon share offering from Sitka Salmon Shares and we loved it so much that we renewed again this year and have been enjoying our monthly salmon deliveries throughout the summer.


(credit: Crystal Grobe)

Bite Of Minnesota: Honey Poached Oranges

A few years ago I was a guest on the Fresh and Local Show on AM950 along with a talented blogger and photographer, Susan Powers.


(credit: Crystal Grobe)

Bite Of Minnesota: Pumpkin Lasagna

Walking into work this morning, I was convinced it was Thursday. As I warmed up my oatmeal I opened the paper to look for the Taste section (a regular Thursday activity) but couldn’t find it.


(credit: Crystal Grobe)

Bite Of Minnesota: Balsamic Roasted Squash & Wild Rice

Amidst all of the election buzz, we still have to eat. As much as I’ve been craving tacos, chips, and even Jucy Lucys (thanks, WCCO web staffers), I’m trying to stick on the healthy path this week.


(credit: Crystal Grobe)

Bite Of Minnesota: Swiss Chard Quiche, Redux

Walking around the markets recently, I’ve seen an abundance of produce, which is quite exciting. However, in just a matter of weeks, the bundles of greens and the bushels of tomatoes will be hard to […]


(credit: Crystal Grobe)

Bite Of Minnesota: Sitka Salmon Shares

Sharing a harvest certainly isn’t a new concept, but it’s something that has become a bit more mainstream in recent years. Consumers want more of a connection with their food and the best way to […]


(credit: Crystal Grobe)

Bite Of Minnesota: Pumpkins A Plenty

Around this time in October, we’re surrounded by beautiful shades of red, orange and yellow as the trees shed their lively green and transition into hibernation for the winter.


(credit: Crystal Grobe)

Bite Of Minnesota: Summer Squash & Corn Chowder

I’m not opposed to eating soup when it’s hot out, especially refreshing soups like gazpacho, but something feels oh-so-right about making soup when the weather turns cooler.


(credit: Crystal Grobe)

Bite Of Minnesota: Celebration At Midtown Global Market

Having a birthday at the beginning of September means it easily flies under the radar. With the start of school and new schedules to be settled into, I never expect much in terms of birthday parties or celebrations.


(credit: Cafe Cyan)

Bite Of Minnesota: Roasted Tomato Tart

Do you remember those roasted tomatoes I made a couple weeks ago? Yep, I’m talking about the roasted tomatoes that were infused in olive oil and fresh rosemary and thyme.


(credit: Crystal Grobe)

Bite Of Minnesota: Herb Gardens

In preparation for the long weekend, I put together my to-do list and a top priority is planting.


(credit: Crystal Grobe)

Bite Of Minnesota: Fresh Spring Salad

Here in the Midwest, we are on a roller coaster when it comes to weather. Granted, spring is usually unpredictable, but switching from rain to snow and back again has taken its toll on crops in the area. Most farmers are 2-3 weeks behind in the growing season, so even though we’ve seen 80 degrees this week, we still have some waiting to do.


(credit: Cafe Cyan)

Bite Of Minnesota: Tomato Basil Fettuccine

We’re getting closer and closer to joys of spring in Minnesota. I went to the Nicollet Mall farmers market on Thursday and while it was only the second week, the market was hopping.


(credit: Cafe Cyan)

Bite Of Minnesota: Southern Pimento Cheese

Being a northerner for most of my life, I only hear about southern foods like chicken and waffles, pickled watermelon rind, and collard greens. It isn’t too often that I get to experience them.


(credit: Cafe Cyan)

Bite Of Minnesota: Best Of The Best Party 2011

During the tail end of last night’s snowstorm while many were tucked away in their houses, another group of people gathered on the 50th floor of the IDS Center for Minneapolis St. Paul magazine’s Best of the Best party.