Metro Pest Control Companies Seeing Increase In Carpenter AntsCompanies like Bogo Pest Control say they are seeing a significant increase in the amount of carpenter ant calls.
Wet Spring Leads To A Boom In Carpenter AntsThis summer, many Minnesota homeowners are dealing with some unwanted guests. Pest control experts are seeing a boom in carpenter ants due to the wet spring.
With Spring’s Arrival, Bugs Are Out In Full Force When you were wishing for warmer weather, you may have overlooked this small fact: Warm weather brings out the bugs. Right now, pest experts say they're getting a lot of calls from homeowners about box elder bugs and carpenter ants.
Warm Weather, Rainy Spring Bring More Carpenter AntsCarpenter ants are creating problems for homeowners. The insects can chew away portions of the wood in your home, just like termites.

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