Casey Anthony

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Casey Anthony

Is this Casey Anthony?  Check it out for yourself.


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Mistaken Identity

A Woman had her car rammed by a crazed person in Oklahoma. Why you ask? Because the crazy person thought the woman was Casey Anthony. In Oklahoma. See the story here.


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Anthony Prosecutor On Today Show

Jeff Ashton sits down with the Today Show to discuss the verdict and what happened. Watch the segment.


Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo And O’Reilly Disagree

Geraldo and O’Reilly went back and forth after the Casey Anthony verdict. Things got heated when Geraldo claimed that Anthony was a good mother. Watch the segment.


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Do You Agree With The Verdict In The Casey Anthony Case?

Take 10 Seconds to vote on this years most watched trial!


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Brawl Erupts At Casey Anthony Trial!

Why would you wait in line 10 hours to see a trial? These people are fired up!