Charlie Knuth

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Esme’s Blog: Human Cloning Legislation

At an emotional news conference this week, patients who have benefited from stem cell research and those who benefit from future breakthroughs, pleaded with lawmakers to not pass a bill that would prevent human cloning.


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Families Say Cloning Embryonic Cells Saves Lives

Bills that would ban human cloning are moving forward in the state legislature. The bills would also limit embryonic stem cell research and make cloning of embryonic cells illegal.


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Wis. Boy With Rare Disease Healing Well In Minn.

A Wisconsin boy who underwent a stem-cell transplant to strengthen his delicate skin is almost ready to come home from a Minneapolis hospital.


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Wis. Boy With Rare Disease Receives Stem Cells

A 4-year-old Wisconsin boy with a rare skin disease has received a stem cell transplant in Minnesota.