Movie Blog: 'Snowpiercer' ReviewRelentless, thoughtful and weirdly surprising: "Snowpiercer" is a twisty, sci-fi rollercoaster that’s tough to pin down and just as hard to forget. South Korean director Joon-ho Bong channels a dystopian world in the somewhat comic style of Terry Gilliam’s Brazil but swaps out the political satire for action and allegory. The result is a tonic for those bored of CGI spectacles and a top-shelf option for the holiday weekend.
Movie Blog: Getting 'Freaky Friday' On 2 New FlicksBoth of this week's high-profile new movie releases -- the romantic comedy <em>Friends with Benefits</em> and the superhero adventure <em>Captain America: The First Avenger</em> -- can be said to suffer from interchangeability.

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