Restaurant Review: Peter's GrillDespite Minneapolis's penchant for razing, there are numerous remnants from the city's past that still stand. Some historic pieces are more hidden than others, but there is comfort -- and fun to be had -- in seeking the treasures that remain.
Review: Bradstreet CrafthouseFor cocktail connoisseurs who enjoy drinking in a low-light atmosphere, the lights at the Bradstreet Crafthouse are playing a winning game of limbo.
Venue Spotlight: Heights TheaterThe Heights movie theater stands out from its surroundings, taller than the nearby businesses and quite a bit flashier.
Spotlight On: American Swedish InstituteTake a walk down Park Avenue between 10th and 26th streets in Minneapolis and it will become clear that though many of the houses along this strip have started to show their age, Park Avenue's past is one filled with grandeur.
Happy Hour At Chino LatinoWhen pondering a list of famous classic cocktails, it’s safe to say that something called Donkey Punch won’t make the list.
Spotlight On: Landmark CenterLandmark Center in downtown St. Paul has been the center of attention since it was built in 1902.
Best Small Exhibits In Unexpected Places In The Twin CitiesIt's kind of impossible to go anywhere in the cities without bumping into art or a museum display of some sort.
Listen Up: Best Local Minnesota Arts PodcastsEven when there isn't time to visit a museum in person, it's easy to get a virtual glimpse and any number of exhibitions.
Restaurant Review: Twin City GrillThere’s a haven within the massive shopping establishment that is the Mall of America. Located on the first floor, just off the unnaturally bright main hallway, the dark wood walls and low lighting of the Twin City Grill can’t help but be a kind of beacon for those who need to take a load off before continuing on in the grand circuit of stores.
A Look At St. Paul Skyway ArtIt would be an exaggeration to say that St. Paul’s skyway is like a real life M.C. Escher image, but some pedestrians just may think of this artist’s particularly mind-bending architectural images when walking down a hallway that just ends; St. Paul skyway explorers will inevitably find themselves being forced to retrace their steps back to the main tributary to try other paths.
Restaurant Review: Pracna On MainPracna on Main has the bragging rights of being the oldest restaurant in Minneapolis.
Exploring Western Sculpture Park In St. PaulJust west of downtown, within view of the Capital, the St. Paul Cathedral, and even the Minnesota History Center, lies an often overlooked sculpture garden full of larger than life structures.

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