Cold Case

Jefferson Twins

Cold Case: DNA Links Twins To Unsolved Murder

Police are trying to determine if Michael Jefferson or his identical twin committed murder in July 2002.


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Cold Case: T. Eugene Thompson

In 1963, it was called the “murder of the century” in Minnesota. In St. Paul, an intruder attacked a well-liked housewife and mother named Carol Thompson. A jury convicted her husband, T. Eugene, of hiring the killer.


Loren Busse

Cold Case: Golden Valley Murders

One gun connects the random murders of two innocent young men in Golden Valley, Minn. six months apart in the mid-90s.


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Cold Case: Mary Schlais

It’s been more than 33 years since a young Minneapolis artist left her apartment to hitchhike to an art show in Chicago.


Dustin Baity

Cold Case: Christmas Eve Murders

On Christmas Eve in 1998, 18-year-old Carrie Richter and her 20-year-old boyfriend Dustin Baity were found murdered in their Northeast Minneapolis apartment.


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Cold Case: Jacob Wetterling’s Siblings Talk

Trevor Wetterling was just 10 years old when his older brother Jacob was abducted at gunpoint in 1989 near the family’s home in St. Joseph, Minn. The boys and a friend were on the way home from renting a video at a nearby convenience store. Jacob has not been seen since.


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Cold Case: Mark Strandberg

Fifteen-year-old Mark Strandberg said goodnight to his mother in November 1976. The next morning, his sister found him shot to death in his bedroom.


white bear lake,interrogation,13-year-old,Ramsey County,John Doe,interrogating

Cold Case: John Doe Charges In WBL Kidnapping

Criminal charges have been filed against a “John Doe” in connection with an abduction and sexual assault of a White Bear Lake girl.


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Cold Case: Linda Rousseau

Nineteen-year-old Linda Rousseau left her family’s home in the Midway neighborhood to buy some fast food in May 1971. She never returned. About three months later, her remains were found in a shallow grave in Hidden Falls Park, just off Mississippi River Boulevard.


Donald Blom

Cold Case: Is Donald Blom A Serial Killer?

The last time most of us saw Donald Blom, he was being driven from a Virginia, Minnesota court house in August of 2000. Blom called WCCO-TV crime reporter Caroline Lowe that day, still insisting he was innocent in the 1999 abduction and murder of Katie Poirier.


Cindy Gerdes

Cold Case: Cindy Gerdes

Cindy Gerdes’ unsolved killing in March 1984 was the one of the most horrific crimes I covered as a reporter. Cindy was a 28-year-old interior designer living near Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis when she was viciously stabbed and her body left in a pose to shock whoever found her.


Cold Case: Chloroform Murders

It was a mystery that seemed to fit a movie plot. Diana Smith and Scott Jones were found murdered in Scott’s St. Paul apartment in March 1981. Her dad had reported her missing when she failed to meet him for church services and called police. Police thought the crime scene seemed staged because of the way the bodies of the victims were positioned.


Theresa Johnson

Cold Case: Theresa Johnson

With advances in forensic science, more and more police departments are taking a fresh look at cold murder cases. That includes the Bloomington, Minn. Police Department, where detectives are taking a new look at the murder of 20-year-old Theresa Johnson.


Anne Barber Dunlap

Cold Case: Anne Barber Dunlap

Anne Barber Dunlap was brutally murdered on New Year’s weekend in 1995. Her body was found in the trunk of her car. She had been repeatedly stabbed in the throat and neck.