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Study: Long Commutes Make People Happier

Could a long commute actually make you happier? A study out of Australia said some people look forward to their long commute. It gives them some much-longed for “me” time


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Season’s First Storm Could Dump 14 Inches On Minn.

Minnesotans are preparing for Old Man Winter as the season’s first major storm threatens to dump more than a foot of snow Monday on a swath of the state, including the metro.


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Winter Storm Has Minn. Drivers Crawling Home

Despite an army of plows out trying to clear the way, drivers found themselves crawling home during the evening rush. During Wednesday afternoon rush hour, commuters found a sea of tail lights no matter what route they tried to take home.


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Expect A Messy Commute Wednesday Morning

Ahead of the expected winter storm, the Minnesota State Patrol is reminding drivers to buckle up and slow down Wednesday morning — or stay off the roads altogether.


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Old Man Winter Isn’t Going Anywhere

If you haven’t reached your threshold with snow frustrations quite yet, Thursday morning’s commute will surely take you there.


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Another Round Of Snow Headed Our Way Late Sunday

The snow is already forming and heading towards the Twin Cities — and by the looks of it, it won’t just be a dusting.


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Treacherous Commute For Some, Snow Day For Others

It wasn’t so much the amount of snow covering metro roadways Friday morning – but the timing of it. The storm that moved across Minnesota overnight spared the metro from the heaviest amounts.


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Wintry Mix Makes For Slippery Monday Commute

The roads around the Twin Cities were a mess Sunday afternoon following a combination of snow and freezing rain, and it isn’t make the Monday commute to work much easier.


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654 Crashes Statewide Since Friday Due To Snow

The Minnesota Department of Transportation is urging motorists to drive with extreme caution as they hit the roads for the Monday morning commute.


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Dusting Of Snow Creates Headache For Commuters

The Twin Cities only saw a dusting of snow overnight but it was enough to snarl traffic and cause plenty of fender benders.


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Light Snow Could Snarl Monday’s Rush Hour Commute

A dusting of snow is in the forecast and although it won’t be quite enough to shovel, it could mess up your evening commute.


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Lunch And Coffee May Drain Your Wallet More Than Gas

Most Americans monitor gas prices, but new research shows your lunch and coffee budget may be what’s really draining your pocket book.


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Slow Moving Traffic As Snow, Freezing Ice Fall

The freezing rain that started falling Sunday has transitioned into snow and made for a messy and slow commute Monday.


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Freezing Rain, Snow Make For Messy Monday Commute

Minnesotans will likely wake up to snowflakes Monday morning as they prepare for the workweek and their commutes.


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Snow Slows AM Commute, More Possible On Wednesday

Commuters in the Twin Cities were once again familiarized with the art of driving on freshly fallen snow, as a few light flakes coated parts of the metro area.


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From 40 To Freezing Rain: Monday’s Messy Commute

The Monday morning commute will likely be a mess.


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Possible Flooding Could Clog St. Paul Commute

Potential flooding will affect the Monday morning commute for some drivers in St. Paul.


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Monday’s Snowstorm Makes For One Messy Commute

No surprise, the snow made for a slow and messy Monday morning commute. And it could very well do the same thing for the evening commute.