Como Zoo

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Baby Giraffe Born At Como Park Zoo

It’s your first chance to see a new addition at the Como Zoo: A baby giraffe just born Monday!


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Best Free Summer Activities For Kids In Minnesota

Fun does not always equal spendy.


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Como Town Amusement Park’s Newest Attraction: Tiger Trax

Como Town Amusement Park is debuting its newest attraction — Tiger Trax. The family-friendly roller coaster was created by SBF Group in Italy. It was shipped overseas, travelled thousands of miles via train and semi-truck, and recently arrived at Como Town.


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Como Zoo In St. Paul To Kick Off Centennial Celebration

Como Zoo and Conservatory in St. Paul is planning to celebrate its 100th birthday this weekend. The Centennial Celebration Weekend kicks off Friday at 9:30 a.m. with a ribbon-cutting ceremony in the new Centennial Garden.


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Help Name Como Zoo’s New Baby Monkey

Como Zoo needs your help! The zoo is looking for a name for one of its newest arrivals, a baby South American Emperor tamarin monkey.


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‘Party For The Planet’ At Como Zoo!

The Como Zoo is celebrating Earth Day this weekend with “Party for the Planet!” It’s a day of activities focusing on fun and creative ways to save energy, money and Mother Earth.


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WCCO Saturday Morning Links & Recap (April 18)

From hockey to baseball to bikes and records, there’s a whole lot going on this weekend, and WCCO Saturday Morning has got you covered!


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Como Zoo Workers Mourn The Death Of 22-Year-Old Lioness

Workers at the Como Zoo say they are in the midst of a time of grief. A week ago, the zoo lost 22-year-old Wynona.


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Como Zoo Brings Students On Week-Long Field Trip

All students love a field trip, and schools love when it doesn’t cost them a thing.


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Como Zoo Welcomes Baby Gorilla, Arlene

Como Zoo in St. Paul announced Monday it is welcoming the addition of a baby gorilla. The gorilla was born during the evening hours on Sunday, Feb. 22, inside the day room at the Gorilla Forest exhibit.


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Como Zoo Announces Baby Orangutan’s New Name

St. Paul’s Como Zoo just announced that the new baby orangutan will be given the name Kemala. The public was asked to help pick a name for the newborn primate, which was born at the University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center on Jan. 7.


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Como Zoo Wants Your Help Naming Baby Orangutan

St. Paul’s Como Zoo is showing off its newest bundle of joy, and asking for your help to give it a name. A newborn baby orangutan is now on display in the Primate Building, and WCCO’s cameras caught her while she was cuddled up on her mother’s chest taking a nap.


(credit: Como Zoo)

Como Zoo Seeks Help Naming Baby Orangutan

St. Paul’s Como Zoo is asking the public’s help in naming its newest orangutan. The female Sumatran orangutan was born Jan. 7 via C-section. She went to the University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center for a short time and is now reunited with her mother.


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Como Zoo Welcomes Baby Orangutan

The Como Zoo welcomed a female baby orangutan on Wednesday, Jan. 7. Zoo officials said the orangutan weighed 3.45 pounds and was born by Caesarean section. This was the second C-section for the mother, 27-year-old Markisa.


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Como Zoo Hosts Early New Year’s Eve Ball Drop

Not everyone can stay up until midnight on New Year’s Eve. So, a special ball drop was held for them earlier today. Kids and families got the fun started a little earlier Wednesday at Como Zoo in St. Paul. The zoo held a countdown to 12. Twelve noon, that is.


(credit: Como Park Zoo and Conservatory)

Como Park Zoo Introduces Baby Giraffe

Zoogoers are looking to the “Skye” Monday at St. Paul’s Como Park! The zoo introduced the 20-day-old giraffe named Skye to the public, who is the 18th of her kind to be born there in 20 years. Skye weighs 145 pounds and is already 6 feet tall, but she is likely to double in size in her first two years, according to zoo officials. Giraffes can grow as tall as 18 feet.


(credit: Como Zoo)

Como Zoo’s Infant Gorilla Dies

The baby gorilla who was born last week at the Como Zoo has died, according to zoo officials. The baby was born on Wednesday, and was the first baby for the 12-year-old gorilla Alice.


(credit: Como Zoo)

Como Zoo Welcomes First Gorilla Baby Birth

A Minnesota zoo is welcoming the arrival of its first lowland gorilla baby. The male gorilla was born Wednesday morning at the Como Zoo in St. Paul. He’s the first baby for 12-year-old Alice. He’s also the first gorilla born at the zoo in its 55-year history of gorilla care and conservation.


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Como Zoo Awaits The Births Of Two Baby Gorillas

Visitors to St. Paul’s Como Zoo are in for a special and rare treat in the coming months. For the first time in the zoo’s 117-year history, the zoo’s staff are preparing for the births of two newborn gorillas.


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Working For The Weekend: Entertainment Best Bets

Halloween is still a week away, but there are plenty of spooky events taking place around the Twin Cities this weekend.


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Wander Minnesota: Halloween Minus The Scares

Halloween is almost here. There are tons of scary things to do for older Halloween fans. But where you can take the little, more easily scared ones? The Minnesota Zoo offers HallZooween throughout October, with daily events like a Halloween Mythbusters scavenger hunt.


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Como Zoo Cougar Scratches Man Who Yelled At It

A Minneapolis man was scratched by a cougar at the Como Zoo Conservatory after he climbed on top of the cougar’s mesh fence, witnesses told zoo staff.


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Como Zoo Giddy Over 2 Pregnant Gorillas

Como Zookeepers have some good news to share. They say not one, but two of the female gorillas are expecting. They say gorillas Alice and Dara have both tested positive on pregnancy tests.


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Facebook Fans Name Baby Zebra At Como Zoo

The Como Zoo’s newest baby zebra now has a name. Facebook fans voted and chose the name Ruckus.


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St. Paul Woman Plays Classical Harp For Primates At Como Zoo

The Como Zoo primates hear the melodic tones of her instrument as part of the volunteer enrichment program.