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Cloud Computing May Bring Job Boom To Minnesota

Microsoft has some pretty encouraging predictions for the future of computing jobs in Minnesota.


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Good Question: Is ‘Screen Time’ Bad For Your Vision?

We are in the era of the digital screen. With all of us spending more time gazing into a screen, is all of that screen time causing damage to our eyesight?


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Tech Minute: ‘Ultrabooks’ The Hot New Gadget

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show featured plenty of cool, new gadgets. But among the biggest hits were ultrabooks, which basically combine laptops and tablets into one device.


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The Best Times To Buy Everything

WCCO-TV previously reported on the best things to buy this season. Now our experts spill the best times to buy.


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Is This Dad Crazy Or Simply Crazy Correct!???

Do you agree with this fathers actions???


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Police: Minn. Middle School Burglarized, Computers Stolen

Authorities are investigating and looking for a male suspect after the Shakopee Middle School was burglarized early last month, according to Shakopee Police.


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Tech Gift Ideas For The Whole Family

If you are still looking for a family-friendly gift, the all-in-one computer isn’t new but now they can do more for less.


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Tech Minute: Keeping Your Computer Clean, Safe

With how much people do online today, experts say to be on the lookout for problems from viruses to malware to identity theft.


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‘U’ Holds Cyber Security Summit

The University of Minnesota held a first-of-its-kind cyber security summit Monday morning.


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Robbinsdale Schools Investing In Technology

Even with Minnesota’s school districts as cash strapped as they are, most are investing in the use of technology.


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Minn.-Based Books For Africa Shipments Hit 1.9M

Books For Africa says it has shipped around 1.9 million books to 21 African countries in the past 12 months, a new high for the St. Paul-based nonprofit.


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Technology Challenged Seniors On CBS News Video

84th birthday photo goes wrong (or how technology creates a generational divide).


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IBM Rochester Marks Company’s Centennial Year

Minnesota’s governor and both its U.S. senators will be in Rochester on Thursday to celebrate IBM Corp.’s centennial year.


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Minn. Students Prepare For Computer Competition

Sam Mansfield is returning — again — to the laptop computer. He inputs a number here, tweaks a rotation there, downloads a program to his wheeled robot and is quickly on his way back to the game board for another trial run.


WCCO Tech Talk – 10/17/10

Hosted by Doug Swinhart of US Admins.





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