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Archbishop John Nienstedt (credit: CBS)

Should Archbishop Nienstedt Step Down During Investigation?

The fallout continues Wednesday over the news that Archbishop John Nienstedt is under investigation for sexual misconduct. While the archbishop denies the allegations, the Twin Cities Archdiocese says it has hired an outside firm to investigate the claims.



Religious Leaders Divided On MN Gay Marriage Amendment

More than 100 religious leaders Thursday launched an effort to defeat a proposed constitutional amendment in Minnesota to define marriage as the union of a man and a woman.


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Fmr. Catholic Priests: Vote ‘No’ On Gay Marriage Amendment

A group representing 80 former Catholic priests from throughout the state of Minnesota gathered at the Lake Harriet band stand this morning to encourage a no vote on the marriage initiative for the Minnesota Constitution.


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2 Constitutional Amendments Heading To MN’s Nov. Ballot

Minnesota will have two constitutional amendments in the next election, after the House and Senate voted in favor of the latest on Wednesday.


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House Gives Voter ID Amendment Final Approval

The Minnesota House has given its final approval to a constitutional amendment on November’s ballot that will have Minnesotans decide if a government-issued photo ID should be required to vote.


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House To Take Final Vote On Voter ID Amendment

The Minnesota House plans a final vote Tuesday night on whether to send a voter ID constitutional amendment to the November ballot.


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Full House To Take Up Photo ID Amendment

A proposed constitutional amendment to require voters to show photo ID is headed to the floor of the Minnesota House.


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Gay Marriage Still In The Political Spotlight

With a flurry of coast-to-coast developments this week, same-sex marriage is back in the political spotlight and likely to remain there through Election Day as a half-dozen states face potentially wrenching votes on the issue.



Gay Marriage Vote Spending Comes Down To Semantics

Campaign-style ads that discuss the pros or cons of gay marriage but don’t specifically mention a 2012 vote on a Minnesota constitutional amendment will require less disclosure about who’s financing them, a state board determined Thursday.



Poll Shows More Oppose Marriage Ban

A statewide poll by St. Cloud State University poll finds more people opposed to than in favor of next year’s constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage, but by a very slim margin.



Dayton Vetoes Marriage Amendment In Symbolic Move

Gov. Mark Dayton has vetoed the bill that calls for a statewide vote next year on a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, but acknowledged it’s a symbolic move and he can’t keep it off the ballot.


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Capitol Crowds Swell As Gay Marriage Vote Looms

Those against the constitutional gay marriage amendment began gathering at the State Capitol before 10 a.m. Thursday.



House Committee Sets Up Floor Vote On Gay Marriage

The Rules Committee of the Minnesota House has narrowly approved a floor vote on the constitutional gay marriage amendment.


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Minn. Senate Committee Passes Gay Marriage Ban

A cross section of religious leaders, advocacy group representatives and even the parents of a fallen soldier have weighed in on a bill that aims to ban gay marriage in Minnesota’s Constitution.