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Minn. Shutdown Costs Put At Nearly $60M

Minnesota budget officials said Tuesday that a 20-day government shutdown in July cost the state nearly $60 million but saved it about $65 million in salaries that weren’t paid to state employees.


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State Report To Tally Price Of Minn. Shutdown

Was Minnesota’s 20-day government shutdown a money saver or budget drain?


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Rising Cost Of Peanut Butter Creating A Sticky Situation

Families have been dealing with higher prices for milk and corn, and now a kid-favorite is going to get a lot more expensive. The price of peanut butter could rise as much as 40 percent by next month.


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Study: Child Care In Minn. Among Most Expensive

Minnesota ranks among the least affordable states for child care, according to a new national study, and those high prices coupled with the recession have resulted in more parents receiving state subsidies for the service.


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Minn. Squeezes Counties For Sexual Predator Costs

The spiraling cost of confining Minnesota’s most dangerous sex offenders after prison is forcing state lawmakers to confront a once politically untouchable program. But they’re doing so by sticking counties with a bigger bill.


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State Fair Ticket Prices Go Up $1 For 2011

It’ll cost you a little more to get into the great Minnesota get-together this year.


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Minn. GOP Still Owes Counties For 2010 Recount

At least three Minnesota counties say they’re still waiting for the state Republican party to reimburse them for recount-related costs from about six months ago. Party officials are asking for patience.


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Wis. Students May Pay More To Attend UMinn.

It may cost Wisconsin college students more money to attend college in Minnesota under a proposal backed by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.


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Vikings Stadium Push Is Rural-Urban Struggle

If the Minnesota Vikings get public money for a new stadium, it’s a good bet support will come from rural Minnesota lawmakers whose constituents aren’t likely to be stuck with the bill.



Good Question: How Much Has MN Spent On Stadiums?

With all the teams asking for public money, how much has Minnesota spent on stadiums since the Metrodome was built?