Counterfeit Money Scam

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Owatonna Man Pleads Guilty In Counterfeit Money Scheme

A 27-year-old Owatonna man pleaded guilty in Minneapolis Federal Court on Wednesday for his role in a counterfeit money ring that struck several businesses along I-35 between the Twin Cities and Iowa.


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8 Indicted In $100 Counterfeit Bill Scam

Eight people from southern Minnesota were charged in Minneapolis Federal Court Friday in connection with a counterfeit money ring that targeted businesses along the I-35 corridor between the Twin Cities and the Iowa border.


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Counterfeit Currency Scam Busted In Monticello

Store clerks are often trained to spot counterfeit currency. Using special felt markers, they’ll check to see if the money tendered is worth the paper it’s printed on. If the marker stripe on the large denomination bill turns yellow, chances are the bill is legitimate.