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The Good Life For Less: Not Your Grandma’s Coupons

Have you “clipped” this month yet? September is National Coupon Month (yes, I know, there is a month for everything!) and we are looking closer at how we all save on our every day purchases.


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Cutting Coupons Made Easy, Not Extreme

More and more people are turning to coupons to save a few bucks each month, but you don’t have to be an extreme couponer to save some extreme money.


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Looking For Coupon Advice?

As heard with Esme Murphy, Friday afternoon on WCCO’s Michele Tafoya Show!


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The Good Life For Less: Deals Round-Up For 09/15

Perk up your day with some deals and freebies — here’s today’s deals round-up!


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The Good Life For Less: Deals Round-Up 09/07

With a chill in the air feels like the dog days of summer are being rounded up, and so are these deals.


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The Good Life For Less: Dreamy Ice Cream Deals

If there was a day of days for ice cream, Thursday is it!


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The Good Life For Less: Books That Help You Save

Coupons books like ‘Entertainment’ and ‘Enjoy The City’ may pay for themselves in no time.


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The Good Life For Less: Refunds On Group-Buying Coupons

I don’t know a single person who hasn’t returned a gift or something else they bought that just didn’t work for them. So why should a coupon/certificate from a group-buying website like LivingSocial, Groupon and Crowd Cut be any different?


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The Good Life For Less: Clean & Green Coupons

Check out a few of these weekend coupons (some are still lingering after Earth Day).



The Good Life For Less: Earth Day Deals; Free Pizza Today

Cheer up my deal finding friends! The snow is here, but we’re ignoring it and hoping some of these hot deals will melt it away before you can ask, “Is it spring in Minnesota?”


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The Good Life For Less: Fresh Deals On Spring Cleaning

Although it’s snowy today across our state, it’s still spring on the calendar and that means that spring cleaning time.



The Good Life For Less: Lucky You!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I’ve gathered up some of the deals that have fallen at the end of this week’s rainbow. They may not be as nice as a pot of gold, but who’s really going to complain about free stuff?


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The Good Life For Less: Deals Round-Up 02/16

Get the whacking stick out for this pinata of deals. It’s time for another deals round-up!


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The Good Life For Less: Last-Minute Shopping Deals

The last minute shopping rush is on and there are stores staying open extra hours to accommodate everyone. I’ve put together a list of a few last minute deals to help you get your shopping wrapped up once and for all.


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The Good Life For Less: Black Friday Bargains

Here are some easy to follow links that can help you sort through all the ads and find what’s right for you before you head out to the stores. I’ve listed some of my favorite sites to help you dig though all the deals.





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