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Pilot Program Allows Cameras In Some Minn. Courts

A pilot project has begun that will allow Minnesotans a closer look at what goes on in some courtrooms.


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Hearing To Consider Court Funding During MN Shutdown

Three days before a government shutdown the lawyers for the Attorney General’s Office, the Public Defender’s Office and Gov. Mark Dayton fought to keep funding for the judicial branch of government.


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Brawl Erupts At Casey Anthony Trial!

Why would you wait in line 10 hours to see a trial? These people are fired up!


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Dayton Seeks Minn. Shutdown Protection From Court

Gov. Mark Dayton filed a petition in Ramsey County court Wednesday laying out services that he says must be preserved if state government shuts down July 1.


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Duluth City Retirees Take Insurance Case To Court

The Minnesota Supreme Court is considering whether the City of Duluth can change health insurance benefits for its retirees to match those of its current employees.


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Appeals Court Reverses Award In Cirrus Crash Case

The Minnesota Court of Appeals says Duluth-based Cirrus Design did not have a duty to provide pilot training to a Grand Rapids man whose plane crashed in 2003, killing him and his passenger.


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Man Pleads Guilty To DNR ‘Wall Of Shame’ Theft

A man pleaded guilty on Wednesday to stealing more than 20 mounted animals and other items from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.


Actress Lindsay Lohan was jailed for violating probation on drug charges. (credit: Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department via Getty Images)

Would You Wear This To Court?

Lindsey Lohan keeps ending up in court, and apparently has decided to dress for it as though she’s on a red carpet. This can’t end well, can it?


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Bizzare Courtroom Scene in UK

Scared of clowns? A lot of people are. If you’re not, this story might make you reconsider.


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MN Women’s B-Ball Player Now On A Different Court

There’s an old saying that sports doesn’t just build character, it reveals it. However, these days, it’s also revealing opportunities for more and more women.


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Man Admits To Skipping Federal Prison Sentencing

A Fridley, Minn. man has pleaded guilty to skipping out on a federal prison sentence.


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Attorney: Houston County Court Needs More Security

The president of the Houston County Bar Association is urging the county to improve security in courtrooms.


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Judge: Hecker’s Girlfriend Cooperating With Court

U.S. Marshals are serving a search warrant on Denny Hecker’s home in Medina, Minn.


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Stepfather Found Guilty In Shaken Baby Case

Jurors found a 24-year-old man guilty of causing the injuries that led to the death of his young stepson.


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MN High Court Taking Comments On Camera Options

The Minnesota Supreme Court will take public comments until Dec. 17 on proposals for a pilot project on allowing news cameras in the state’s trial courts.


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Jailed Lawyer In Court In Rwanda

A judge is expected to decide today whether to release a Twin Cities law professor being held in jail in Rwanda.