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U Of M Law School Prepares For No State Funding

With another round of cuts to higher education expected from the Legislature this year, the University of Minnesota Law School is adapting in a dramatic way — by working toward financial independence.


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Minn. House Panel Presses To Hash Out Tax Bill

A House panel is working in marathon mode to try to finalize a tax bill.


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In Union Strongholds, Residents Wrestle With Cuts

There once was a time when Harry and Nancy Harrington — their teenage children in tow — walked the picket line outside the nursing home where she was a medical aide, protesting the lack of a pension plan for the unionized work force.


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Layoffs Coming For Nurses At Children’s Hospitals

Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota is laying off nurses. While the hospitals say the cuts are necessary, the nurses worry patient safety will be jeopardized.


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Minnesota Senate Cuts Daily Expense Payments

The new Republican legislative majorities are tightening up on their own members’ costs, including daily expense payments for senators and housing allowances for representatives.




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