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Wis. Lawmakers To Honor Man Behind Cheesehead Hat

Wisconsin lawmakers are getting ready to honor the man who used cheese to create one of the state’s most beloved cultural symbols.



Milk Output Is Up In Wis., Holds Steady In Minn.

For the second straight month, milk output has risen slightly in Wisconsin and held steady in Minnesota.


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Milk Output Rises In Wis., Holds Steady In Minn.

Milk production has improved modestly in Wisconsin, and Minnesota has reversed a short-term slide by holding about even.


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Wisconsin Still Leads Nation In Cheese Production

Wisconsin is still the cheese capital of the nation.


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Same Glass Of Milk, Very Different Prices

Got milk? You’re probably paying a lot more for it than last year. WCCO tracked the price for more than a month and discovered you could be paying twice as much depending on where you shop and what brand you buy.


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Milk Output In Minn., Wis. Hints At Positive Trend

Wisconsin’s dairy industry is continuing a modest turn-around in production, and Minnesota is inching closer to its own positive reversal.


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Farmers Group Backs Plan To Overhaul Dairy Policy

A leading dairy farmers group is backing a proposed overhaul of federal milk policies after its creator agreed participation in a program limiting milk production in hard times would be voluntary.


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Report: Things Looking Up For Minn. Organic Farms

A new report says things are looking up for Minnesota’s organic farms.


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Mark Rosen’s Favorite Fair Food: Icy Cool Malts

This week, WCCO’s anchors are taking a look behind the scenes at how their favorite State Fair foods are being prepared.


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Milk Production Continues To Decline In Wis., Minn

The rate of milk production continues to rise nationwide, even as it slows in Wisconsin and Minnesota.


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Rising Milk Prices Milking Pocketbooks

Milk does a body good but it may not be doing the same for your pocketbook.


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Butter Sculptures Churn 100-Year State Fair Legacy

Life-size butter sculptures of everything from cows to space heroes and Hollywood stars are among the most beloved traditions of state fairs, drawing thousands of admirers each year from Iowa to Ohio and as far south as Texas.



Milk Production Continues To Lag In Wis., Minn.

Milk production has slowed down in Wisconsin and Minnesota, in part because dairy cows there haven’t been as productive.


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Wis. Senate Names Cream Puff Official Dessert

The state Senate has passed a bill that would designate a state fair staple as Wisconsin’s official dessert.



Dairy Princess Is Lactose Intolerant

Laurel Gordon of Washington state has been putting on a tiara to promote milk products the past two years as Grays Harbor County’s dairy ambassador.





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