Damn Yankees

(credit: The Ordway Center For Performing Arts)

‘Damn Yankees’ At The The Ordway

“Damn Yankees” is open now through June, 28. Show times vary. Tickets range from $33 – $105. For more information, or to purchase tickets, visit The Ordway online.


(credit: The Ordway Center For Performing Arts)

Twins Blog: ‘Damn Yankees!’

It’s fair to say there’s no love lost between the Minnesota Twins and New York Yankees. However, that rivalry (and hatred) goes well beyond the Twins’ days at the Metrodome and even Met Stadium.


(credit: The Ordway Center For Performing Arts)

MNfusion: Step Up To The Plate With Lawrence Clayton From ‘Damn Yankees’

George Abbott and Douglass Wallop’s “Damn Yankees” combines both the cultural staples of baseball and the devil as it tells the story of every-man Joe Boyd who wants his baseball team to win so badly that he makes a deal with the devil for it. And shows, once again, that in getting what you want you often lose something else.


"The luckiest man on the face of this earth." What was that about there being no crying in baseball? (credit: RKO Radio)

Movie Blog: 10 Best Baseball Movies

When it came time to whittle together a list of the best baseball movies, I found that I was not wanting for candidates. I even had to bench one of my favorite pieces of baseball satire ever, the final half-hour of The Naked Gun.