David Hilden

Doctor: Measles Can Be Tough For Younger Doctors To SpotMeasles was all but eradicated in the U.S. decades ago, thanks to the immunization program. That's a problem for some doctors. Hennepin County Medical Center's Dr. David Hilden said younger physicians sometimes don't make a measles diagnosis until the appearance of a rash, which is a late stage symptom.
Twin Cities Doctors See Increase In Respiratory IllnessWhile influenza is widespread in the state, some doctors say they’re seeing people coming in with other respiratory problems.
HCMC Dr David Hilden Reacts To Jablonski Rehab NewsNews reports of progress in rehabilitation are encouraging, according to HCMC's Dr David Hilden.
With Spring Comes AllergiesAfter a long winter most of us look forward to green grass and buds on trees. But for many that also means spring allergies.
Flu Season Normal But Far From OverThe flu season can have several peaks in the course of the winter. There have been two flu-related deaths in Minnesota but overall, it's been a normal season.
Uncertainty About This Winter's Flu SeasonExperts say it's hard to predict what the flu season will be like this winter. So far, only sporadic cases of influenza have shown up in Minnesota and elsewhere around the nation.
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