Day Care Union

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Home-Care Workers Vote To Unionize

Thousands of in-home health care providers in Minnesota have voted to unionize. About 60 percent of the roughly 5,800 care providers taking part in a union election say they support organizing. The results were announced Tuesday by the state Bureau of Mediation Services.


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Court Weighs Whether To Halt Minn. Union Drive

The fate of a possible election that could unionize thousands of Minnesota home day-care operators rests with federal Judge Michael Davis, who said at a hearing Thursday that he would rule quickly on whether to halt the drive.


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Lawsuit Filed Against Newly Passed Day Care Union Bill

Just days after Gov. Mark Dayton signed the controversial Child Care Collective Bargaining Act into law, a lawsuit is being filed by opponents.


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Long Fight Forecast Over Minn. Daycare Union Bill

Nearly 100 amendments await Minnesota House lawmakers if they move ahead as planned on a bill that could lead to unionization of in-home day care providers and personal care attendants. The volume foreshadows a long fight should the House brings the bill up on Saturday as planned.


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Hearing Held On Unionizing Minn. Day Care Workers

Supporters and opponents of unionizing day care workers packed a contentious hearing at the State Capitol Thursday night.