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Daylight Saving Time

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Why This Weekend Was Special To Horologists

For one man in South Minneapolis, every second, minute and hour makes a difference. Tom Trudell has been keeping track of time for 30 years at his shop It’s About Time.


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Did You Remember To Change Your Clock?

It is the end of Daylight Saving Time, when we gain one hour of sleep. Dr. Emran Khawaja is a sleep expert at HCMC. He said most of us are sleep deprived, and should enjoy the extra hour. He also recommends keeping a regular sleep schedule, if you can.


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Get Yourself Prepped For Daylight Saving Time

It means setting those clocks back one hour the morning of Nov. 3. Sleep experts said although it’s easier to gain an hour than lose an hour, the time change still affects our circadian rhythm.


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Daylight Saving: Springing Forward Harder Than Falling Back

Daylight saving time is this weekend, and we’ll move our clocks forward an hour. While it’s nice to have an extra daylight at the end of the day, this time change can feel like jet lag.


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Good Question: Does Springing Forward Affect Sleep?

This weekend we sprang forward and set our clocks ahead an hour for daylight saving time — and that means an extra hour of light in the evening.


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Weather Blog: Wintry Winds

A strong low pressure tracked over northern Minnesota Friday night and Saturday morning.



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