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Bachmann: Obama College Loan Move Abused Power

Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann is ripping a move by President Barack Obama to ease student loan debt as an “abuse of power” that will give people incentive to dodge debt.


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Should Student Loans Be Forgiven?

A recent survey says only 21% of Americans think the government should forgive student loans.


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Out Of Race, Still In Debt For Minn.’s Pawlenty

Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty is out of the race for president — but still deep in debt.


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For More Information on DAVID WALKER, Heard Earlier Today On The Show!

One of the smartest guys on controlling government spending, David Walker, spent time with Michele on the radio on Wednesday!


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Esme’s Blog: A Bruised Nation

Just a week ago the experts said if the US Congress failed to raise the debt ceiling the stock market would certainly crash and the rating on the US debt would almost certainly be downgraded.


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Cravaack To Hold Town Halls After No Vote On Debt

Republican Rep. Chip Cravaack will face voters directly in public meetings next week for the first time since voting against increasing the debt limit.


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Bachmann Among Lawmakers Voting ‘No’ To Raising Debt Ceiling

Minnesota’s congressional delegation is split over how to avoid a potential U.S. debt default.


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Dayton To Seek Assessment Of Default On Minn.

Gov. Mark Dayton directed his budget chief Monday to assess how a possible U.S. debt default would affect Minnesota’s finances.


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Good Question: What Happens If U.S. Goes Into Default?

When it comes to credit, we all have our limit. And the U.S. government has maxed out its $14.3 trillion debt ceiling. So what happens if the limit isn’t raised? What happens if the United States can’t pay its bills?


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Debt Debate Debacle

John Avlon will join the show Monday to talk about his article on the debt debate and react to President Obama’s press conference.


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Bachmann Says She Misspoke On Wayne’s Hometown

Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann is acknowledging “misspeaking” occasionally, including wrongly claiming that actor John Wayne was from her Waterloo, Iowa hometown, but says she’s “a substantive, serious person” who would be a good president.



Delta To Pay Off $175M In Minnesota Debt

Delta Air Lines Inc. will have to repay $175 million in loans tied to a long-ago bailout of Northwest Airlines because it is closing training centers for pilots and flight attendants in Minnesota, where Northwest was based.


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Kline Questions New Rule For For-Profit Schools

Minnesota Rep. John Kline says he’s concerned the U.S. Department of Education is moving forward with its crackdown on the country’s for-profit schools to protect students from taking on too much debt to attend schools that don’t help their job prospects.


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Minn. Deficit Shrinks; Dayton Drops Income Surtax

Gov. Mark Dayton is withdrawing his call for a 3 percent surtax on top incomes and reducing proposed cuts to nursing homes in light of a smaller Minnesota deficit.


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I-TEAM Report On Electrical Inspections Getting Results

An I-TEAM investigation that sparked concerns about the risk of fire in hundreds of homes is getting results.


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