Defend Your Ride

"It's my toy.

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: John At The Saint Croix River Valley

“I just thought, what the heck? It’s time to have something fun.” – John and his Chevy Camaro


"Every other year we hit the road."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Adrienne At The Elmer L. Anderson Library

“On one of our trips, my daughter saw a snake under the car!” – Adrienne and her Toyota FJ Cruiser


"I first noticed the color. I love green and it was gorgeous."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Rita At The Richfield History Center

“It’s the first car I ever bought on my own.” – Rita and her Honda CRV


“Reliable, but with a little hint of rebelliousness.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Blaise On Stillwater’s Main Street

“It’s reliable, but with a little hint of rebelliousness.” – Blaise and his Dodge Caliber


“One of my favorite things to do is driving through the mountains.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Erik At The 7th Street Entry

“That car has seen a lot of great times and will see many more.”- Erik and his Scion XB


"Wendell lives to get in the car. He gets really excited."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Brad And Wendell At Cottage View Drive-In

“I hate the car dealer kind of stuff, so I walked in there with $10,000 in cash.” The Ride The Driver: Brad  Car in Question: 2005 Honda Civic Spotted at: Cottage View Drive-In, Cottage Grove, […]


"We’d always had secondhand, really old, used cars.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Karen At The Old Schmidt Brewery

“I think the newness of it was very attractive.” – Karen and her Saturn Vue


"I think of my grandparents every time I'm in it."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Kristy At Fort Snelling

“Most of the time, I sing along, but don’t move my mouth, so people don’t know I’m singing.” – Kristy and her Chrysler Minivan


“I’ve been working on vehicles for a long time, since I was a kid on the farm.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Jim At The Uptown Theater

“It’s a license to scream and be loud.” – Jim and his Pontiac