Baby Boomers Boost Booming Business Of BotoxAmerica has seen a 77-percent increase in cosmetic procedures over the past decade. And that's just the beginning.
Kidney Donor Receives Life-Saving TransplantA Rochester woman who saved a life by donating her kidney is also getting a second chance at life.
Hennepin Co. Sheriff Urges Water Safety MeasuresThe Hennepin County Sheriff's Office is urging people to put safety measures in place, when boating or swimming.
Health Officials Encourage Earlier Flu VaccinationsIt's been shown that lower flu vaccination years tend to have worse disease outbreaks. So, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is pushing the message earlier this year: Get vaccinated.
A New Innovative, Incisionless Surgery For HeartburnThere's a new type of surgery that can stop heartburn -- without an incision.
'U Of M' Helps Kid With Rare Condition Avoid DiabetesIn the United States, there are more than 25 million diabetics. So, the chance to keep more people from having to depend on insulin for the rest of their lives is worth trying -- especially for children.
Penny More Per Pack: Where Does The Money Go?Smokers may or may not notice it but they are now paying more for their cigarettes. A penny a pack, in fact. It's part of an annual adjustment for inflation.
Rare Small Intestine Transplant Performed At U Of MA little South Dakota boy named Drake Dosch is the lucky recipient of a medical achievement that has only happened 19 times in Minnesota history -- the transplant of the small bowel, a critical part of our intestines.
Overlooked Disease Affects 1 In 3,000 ChildrenWhile watching 3-year-old Jacqueline Pastel at a Plymouth daycare, one would never know she has a condition that is more common in children than cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy and Huntington's disease combined.
Take Menu Calorie Counts With A Grain of SaltThe fact is 35 percent of America's daily calories come from restaurants. But are the facts about those calories being reported accurately by restaurants?
Strawberry Season Comes To A HaltIf you were hoping to get out and pick some Minnesota strawberries this year. you may be out of luck. This year's season was very short-lived.
Blind Yellow Lab Has Her Own Guide DogSome things in life are predictable. Find Duke and you'll find Daisy. It is quickly apparent the two yellow Labrador retrievers get along better together. Without Duke, you see, Daisy bumps into things -- a lot.

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