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Prosecution Links Defendant To Fatal Shooting

Prosecution witnesses in Washington County District Court say a defendant’s fingerprints and DNA link him to a fatal shooting authorities have connected to stolen car parts.


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New Spit Test Could Determine A Person’s Age

Researchers have discovered a way to predict a person’s age through their saliva. That may not sound very necessary but the test could be used to zero in on a criminal suspect.


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Judge Refuses To Dismiss Charges In Somali Case

Defense attorneys for a man accused of helping other young Somalis in Minnesota travel to their war-torn homeland to fight with a terrorist group have a week to verify an FBI report about a suicide bomber that’s being used to support charges against their client, a judge ruled Wednesday.


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Blood Tests Could Predict How Fast A Person Ages

How comfortable would you be with knowing how long you had to live? There’s a simple blood test that will soon be available that may be able to tell how fast a person is aging.


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DNA Match Leads To Charges In 2010 St. Paul Rape

Authorities have linked DNA from a cold case rape to a suspect who has now been charged with the crime.


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Lino Lakes wants English Speaking only Fun boat names DNA proves driver switch in DUI case


Jefferson Twins

Cold Case: DNA Links Twins To Unsolved Murder

Police are trying to determine if Michael Jefferson or his identical twin committed murder in July 2002.




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