Drunken Drivers

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Police Ready To Help Celebrators Stay Safe On Subzero NYE

Doctors fear a cold New Year’s Eve can create big problems for party goers. Dr. Ryan Fey from the Hennepin County Medical Center says frostbite can strike within minutes. “In extreme cold, you could be looking at frostbite in two to five minutes,” Fey said. People trying to ring in the new year with a few libations can get in to big trouble if they mix it with the extreme cold.


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Ignition Device Added Tool To Curb Drunken Driving

Some drunken drivers in Minnesota will face tougher sanctions under a new law that went into effect July 1.


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Dispatchers Play Key Role In Catching Drunken Drivers

In the effort to stop drunken driving, people often hear from law enforcement officers and groups like MADD. But dispatchers also play a crucial role in keeping the roads safe.