Guide To Holland's Tulip FieldsVisitor guide to Holland's world famous tulips fields
Finding Minnesota: Shooting The Breeze With The Windmill ManIf you want to go where the wind blows, head into the prairies of southwestern Minnesota where strong, steady gusts are common. It's the perfect spot for one man's unique collection, a spinning menagerie of windmills from as far away as China and Brazil.
Minn. Man Finalist In Mars Colonization PlanA Woodbury man could be traveling to a place no human has ever seen. He's a finalist to be one of the first people to live on Mars. A Dutch company has a plan to colonize Mars before 2025. They have bubbles that astronauts would live in and a whole plan on how to exist.
Holocaust Survivor Celebrates 90th Birthday In PlymouthCelebrating a 90th birthday would be special for anybody, but for Margot DeWilde the event has extra meaning.
Movie Blog: ‘Bride Flight’ Gets Romance So Very WrongI’ve seen two miserable movies this year, and Bride Flight is one of them.

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