Ramsey County Votes To Restrict E-Cigarette Use In Public PlacesAnother metro county looks ready to crack down on e-cigarette use. The Ramsey County Board of Commissioners voted 6-1 Tuesday morning to prohibit the use of electronic cigarettes anywhere traditional cigarettes are banned, such as work places and restaurants. It also bans their use within 25 feet of building entrances.
Senate Votes To Equate E-Cigarettes To Smoking Minnesota senators have voted for a stringent set of electronic cigarette standards that would make their use unacceptable in any place regular tobacco is disallowed. The approach endorsed Thursday goes further than a House companion bill, so the two measures must be reconciled for any e-cigarette regulations to become law. A move to pare back the indoor air restrictions in the Senate bill failed on a 35-28 vote.
Study Looking To See If E-Cigs Curb Smoking Habits A new study is looking into whether or not e-cigarettes are an effective way to stop, or cut back on smoking as many smokers turn to them as an alternative. Electronic cigarettes turn a liquid solution into a vapor, and some contain nicotine.

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