How To MNsureThere is only one Elvis, but there are thousands of self-employed Minnesotans like Elvis impersonator Anthony Shore and his wife Trisha. Both are 32 years old and uninsured. "I'm a healthy individual, but you never know what's going to happen. So yeah, I don't like it. It makes me feel scared not having insurance," Trisha said. Starting next week, uninsured and under-insured Minnesotans can buy health care online at But one of the biggest problems is getting the word out.
Jukebox Jury: Should Artists' Careers Continue After Death?
Minn. Dog Uses Calculus To Play FetchDogs can do some amazing things, but are they even smarter than we give them credit for being?
Dakota County Attorney By Day, Elvis By Night?When you think of Elvis impersonators, Las Vegas probably comes to mind. However, there's one here in Minnesota whose performance – and day job – is surprising audiences.
Twins Blog: Elvis Is A Twins FanMy girlfriend and I are on a mini vacation from our regular lives and working on a baseball reconnaissance mission.
Nixon And Elvis In The White HouseSee the picture of Nixon and Elvis in the White House.

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