Fire Hydrants

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Multiple Agencies Respond To Orono House Fire

Multiple agencies responded Friday night to a two-alarm house fire in Orono. Officials say the blaze broke out at a home on the 130 block of Luce Line Ridge. No one was home when five different fire departments arrived at the scene.


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Finding Minnesota: Milaca’s Vibrant Hydrants

Fire crews in Milaca get two or three calls a month to put out fires in and around their town of 3,000. It’s a lot of work for a volunteer force, but when the firefighters arrive on scene, they just might be greeted by a superhero.



Good Question ‘Reply All’: Fire Hydrants, License Plates & Paint

Mary from Plymouth wanted to know: Why some fire hydrants are yellow, not red? Plymouth public works said there was a push years ago to change fire hydrants to yellow because it was easier to see, but it was too costly for some cities.


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Good Question: Who Should Keep Fire Hydrants Clear Of Snow?

With all of the snow and subzero temperatures this winter, several of you have wondered about how firefighters are able to use the hydrants when they need them. Jeff from Plymouth and Carol from Eagan asked: How does the water in a fire hydrant not freeze? Roger from St. Paul wanted to know: Whose responsibility is it to keep the fire hydrants clear?


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Good Question: ‘Reply All’ To Your Good Questions

Jason DeRusha hits “reply all” to viewer’s good questions.


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Avoiding Disastrous Fires With Few Minutes Of Shoveling

Minneapolis Public Works is looking into whether a fire hydrant that didn’t work for firefighters battling a fire was frozen.


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House Fire In Coon Rapids A Reminder To Clear Hydrants

With more snow on the way a fire in Coon Rapids Sunday afternoon is a good reminder of why you need to keep fire hydrants clear of snow.


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Large Hugo Home Destroyed, No Fire Hydrants Nearby

Firefighters from six different departments worked through the night battling a fierce fire that destroyed a large house in Hugo Sunday night.


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H.S. Hockey Players Help Clear Hydrants

Firefighters in Edina can get at fire hydrants easier thanks to some hockey players.