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Minn. House Committee Says Yes To Arming Prosecutors

Less than two months after a Minnesota prosecutor was shot by a defendant in a Grand Marais courthouse, a legislative committee advanced two bills designed to beef up security for county attorneys, including one that would let prosecutors carry guns.


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Bill Expanding Gun Rights Goes To Minn. House

A proposal expanding the right to use deadly force in self-defense is headed for a vote in the Republican-controlled House.


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Theft A Prime Source Of Illegal Guns In Minn.

In January 2010, three men were gunned down during an apparent robbery attempt at the Seward Market in south Minneapolis. One of the victims worked at the store. The second victim was the clerk’s cousin who stopped by to chat. The third was a man who just happened to walk in at the wrong time.


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Teacher Accused Of Bringing Gun On School Property

A northern Minnesota teacher is charged with bringing a gun on school property.


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Dayton Opposes Move To Repeal Minn. Gun Permits

Gov. Mark Dayton says he doesn’t want to get rid of state permits that provide “reasonable” background checks for gun buyers.


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Hunting Opener Isn’t Just For The Men

The deer hunting opener is this weekend in Minnesota. It’s typically thought of as a big weekend for the men in this state, but they don’t hold exclusivity on the event.