Podcast Hosts Discuss Recent Controversies Surrounding Hazing, Greek Life On CampusThis week's standout podcasts include an episode of the Security Brief that examines the issue of college hazing and an installment of the Wavemaker Conversations that takes a lot hazing within the Greek system.
Police: Holocaust Heirloom Stolen In Madison Madison police say a Star of David pendant that survived the Holocaust has been stolen from a University of Wisconsin fraternity house.
University Students React To UND Dry Frats A string of incidents at the University Of North Dakota has Greek Organizations going dry. The school's interfraternity council approved the alcohol ban last week. It will be in effect for the rest of the spring semester.
'U Of M' Fraternities Lift Drinking BanFraternities at the University of Minnesota's Twin Cities campus are lifting a ban on drinking at frat parties.
No Charges in 1 of 3 Frat House Sex Assault Claims
Third Sexual Assault at U of M Frat House

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