Freezing Rain

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Good Questions: Recycling, Sleet, Inflamed Vocal Cords

Every Friday, we tackle a bunch of viewers’ burning questions. This week, Heather Brown explores recycling protocol, sleet vs. freezing rain, and why your voice gets lower when you’re sick.


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Good Question: When Can Planes Fly In Bad Weather?

This Thanksgiving holiday, Mother Nature apparently didn’t consult the calendar. Wednesday will be one of the busiest travel days of the year. That makes for particularly bad timing because a Nor’easter capable of dropping many as 13 inches along the East Coast is set to hit Wednesday morning.


Sleet forms when snow falls through a layer of warm air, causing it to melt, and then back into a layer of sub-freezing air that causes it to re-freeze into a pellet of ice. (credit: CBS)

Weather Blog: 1° Of Separation

Well, that was unpleasant. This morning’s mix of wintery precipitation prompted a round of “what is this stuff falling from the sky?” on Twitter and Facebook … and it’s a good question.


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Freezing Rain Causes 20+ Semi Crashes

The Minnesota State Patrol says freezing rain contributed to more than 20 semi-trucks going off the road Friday in west central and northwest Minnesota. Sgt. Jesse Grabow says 38 crashes were reported as of Friday afternoon, 20 of which involved semis. Twenty-seven of the crashed were rollovers, according to Grabow.


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Duluth Police Advise No Travel Amid Freezing Rain

Police in Duluth are urging residents to stay home because of freezing rain that has created dangerous driving conditions.


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State Patrol: Stay Off Northwest Minn. Roads

The State Patrol is warning drivers in northwestern Minnesota to stay home, and stay off the roads. Places along Interstate 29 have zero visibility Saturday night. Earlier Saturday, the State Patrol advised no travel near parts of Moorhead. Many cars and trucks have slid off the roadway.


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Subzero Temps, Freezing Rain Greet U.S. Holiday Week

The National Weather Service says wind chills in South Dakota are dipping to near 40 below. Readings hit 39 below in Huron and 33 below in Sioux Falls at 5 a.m. Monday. The northern part of the state has been under a wind chill warning.


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Rain, Sleet, Snow Mix Headed For Twin Cities

It could be an eventful first half of the weekend for much of the Twin Cities if the forecast plays out as anticipated.


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No Travel Advised In Western Minnesota Due To Snow

Freezing rain and sleet has hit the Twin Cities and soon enough, that wintry mix will turn to snow — leaving quite a mess behind.


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Freezing Rain Leads To Increased Slips, Injuries

Hundreds of people went to area hospitals Tuesday after slipping and falling on icy streets and sidewalks.


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Winter Storm Warning: Freezing Rain Hits Minnesota

We’ve got quite the mess of moisture that will make conditions incredibly slick on Sunday.


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Icy Conditions From Freezing Rain, Snow Up North

A mix of ice and freezing rain with spots of snow in some parts of Minnesota is making for a potentially dangerous driving situation.


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Weather Blog: Rain, Then Ice, Then Snow

It’s nowhere near the snow output that we saw a week ago, but a juicy storm system will make roads very messy this weekend.


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MnDOT Prepares For Another Weekend Storm

MnDOT officials say they are ready for the freezing rain and two to four inches of snow expected to fall between Friday night and late Saturday in the metro area. They want drivers to be prepared for the conditions by practicing safe winter driving habits.


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The Slop-Mess Monster Arrives In Minn.

The sloppy, wintry mess that Minnesota has thus far mostly avoided has arrived, with many parts of the state seeing a nasty mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain.


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MnDOT, Power Companies Brace For Snow, Freezing Rain

We’ve been basking in this winter’s warm sunshine, all the while forgetting about the rigors of shoveling snow, but something deep down in some of us said it was too good to be true.


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Freezing Rain, Snow Make For Messy Monday Commute

Minnesotans will likely wake up to snowflakes Monday morning as they prepare for the workweek and their commutes.


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Freezing Rain, Drizzle Turning To Snow

Freezing rain is expected to move across the Twin Cities this morning and afternoon.


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Freezing Rain, Snow Cover Parts Of Upper Midwest

Freezing drizzle and rain is making roads slick across portions of the Upper Midwest.


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Weather Blog: Icy Monday Commute

Icy conditions are possible late Sunday night and Monday morning across the Twin Cities, southern Minnesota and western Wisconsin.


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From 40 To Freezing Rain: Monday’s Messy Commute

The Monday morning commute will likely be a mess.


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Fog, Snow, Rain, Freezing Rain: All On The Way

A two-part storm is heading toward Minnesota, bringing everything from rain to freezing rain to snow with it.


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Falling Snow Creating Travel Woes

Wednesday’s snow storm could make roads a big hassle for drivers trying to get out of town before the Thanksgiving holiday.