Disc Golf's Popularity Exploding, For Better & For WorseEvery sport, at some point in time, goes through it -- an evolution. Whether it was baseball players wearing gloves, facemasks in football, wooden tennis rackets or dimpled golf balls, the only thing that stays the same about sports is that they're always changing.
Is Surly Ultimate The Yankees Of Ultimate Frisbee?There's an Ultimate Frisbee tournament this weekend just west of the Twin Cities that may be huge in size, but not in importance for one of the teams playing in it.Team Surly - named after, sponsored, and supplied by the brewery - is gearing up for its sixth-straight trip to the national championship, held next weekend in Denver.
Golden Valley Business A Part Of Disc Golf EvolutionA sport born in the 1970s, the first Frisbee golf targets were telephone poles and fire hydrants. But, today, the sport is not only growing, it is changing.
Minnesotans Enjoy Record-Breaking Warm WeekendMinnesota continues to experience one of the weirdest winters on record.

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