Extreme Cold Doesn't Deter Ft. Snelling Honor GuardWhen it comes to Minnesota's weather extremes there are some things that just can't be put on hold. On Monday, that was the case at Fort Snelling National Cemetery where 16 of the nation's veterans were laid to rest.
1 Year After Ft. Snelling Grave Robbery, Family Still Seeking AnswersIt's been a year since someone used the cover of night to walk into the Ft. Snelling National Cemetery and desecrate a grave, which belonged to a World War 2 veteran laid to rest more than 40 years ago.
Ft. Snelling Grave 'Significantly Disturbed'Authorities are trying to figure out who desecrated the grave of a Minnesota World War II veteran.
Flooding Rampant In Minn. State ParksIn the last week we've seen more than 12 inches of rain, and it has caused rising water levels in lakes, rivers and streams.
Kline: Army Reconsidering Ft. Snelling Rifle RecoupmentRep. John Kline says the U.S. Army is reconsidering a decision to recoup Fort Snelling's ceremonial rifles from the fort's memorial rifle squad.
US Army Demands Fort Snelling’s Rifles BackAt each burial, the Fort Snelling memorial rifle squad will fire off a 21-gun salute using WW1 vintage Springfield O3A3 bolt action rifles. Squad members say the rifles are safe and simple to load. Recently, however, the squad learned that the U.S. Army is demanding that the unit turn over the government-issued rifles and exchange them for a different model.
Gov’t Shutdown Creates Veteran Wedding NightmareThe looming government shutdown has become a nightmare for a veteran couple as it might nix their dream wedding.

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