Garage Sales

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Counterfeit Cash Showing Up At Elk River Garage Sales

Kara Loecken isn’t out to make huge money off the tables of kids clothes and used household items set up inside her garage.


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Farmington Man Sets Up Manly Garage Sale

For guys who go with their wives to garage sales, there’s usually not much there for them. That’s why Pat Meachem started having an “All Guy Stuff Sale” at his home in Farmington.


Garage Sale

The Good Life For Less: Garage Sale Tips

Garage Sale, Yard Sale, Rummage Sale — whatever you call it, the season is upon us.

I’ve noticed a lot more of those signs posted around neighborhoods lately and that got me thinking that it may be the perfect time of year to share some bargain hunting tips if you plan on scouring garages in search of treasures.