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Burn Victim/Prep Star Gets Back On The Gridiron A Year Later

Alex Feine was holding a gas can near a fire with his mother in their backyard a year ago. The can caught fire, and Alex was rushed to the hospital.


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Isaac’s Aftermath To Raise Gas And Food Prices

Hurricane Isaac has been downgraded to a tropical storm, but it is continuing to be a threat to both lives and property.


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4 Reasons Gas Prices Have Spiked

In the span of a week, we’ve seen gas prices spike across the Twin Cities.


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Gas Prices Not Bad Compared To Last Year

Remember analyst predictions that we could be paying $5 per gallon of gasoline this summer? Thankfully, that scenario hasn’t come to pass. Gas prices have been falling over the past few weeks. But why?


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5 Tips To Save Gas

Check out these tips from EcoMedia on how to save energy on the road, which in turn could help you spend less on gas.


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Police: Woman Jumps From Window After Gas Incident

Police say two women had to escape a house – with one jumping from a 2nd floor window – after a man threw gas on them in Blaine, Minn.


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Gas Odor Detected At Downtown Mpls. Target

Minneapolis fire crews are investigating a possible gas leak at the downtown Target on Ninth and Nicollet.



Fuel-Efficient Doesn’t Always Mean Cost-Effective

It’s hard not to notice that gas prices are on the rise, again.


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Despite Dip In Prices, 2011 Is Record Year For Gasoline

A new survey found the typical household will have spent more than $4,100 dollars on gas this year — that’s a record. But with gas prices hovering around $3.15 a gallon, we still think we’re saving money.


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Gas Stations Involved In Weekend Fuel Mix Up Indentified

The Minnesota Department of Commerce has identified 38 gas stations and 10 secondary distributors in southern Minnesota that received gasoline over the weekend with above-regulation concentrations of ethanol.


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Reality Check: Bachmann’s $2 Gas Claims

Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann’s pledge to bring back $2 gas has the feel of a “chicken in every pot” political promise.



Oil Reserves Tapped To Cover World Shortage

The Obama administration has decided to release 30 million barrels of oil from the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve.


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CenterPoint: Don’t Turn On The Gas Yourself

Centerpoint Energy is advising people returning to their homes in North Minneapolis to not attempt to turn on their gas if it isn’t working.


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Gas Climbs To $4, Bikes Become Economic Option

Gas prices are once again on the move. Across the metro, gas is inching closer to that $4 mark.


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Police: Wire Theft Causes Gas Leak In Mpls

Police say a copper wire theft from an abandoned house caused a gas leak Saturday afternoon that forced people to evacuate surrounding homes for hours.


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Ruptured Gas Pipeline To Be Removed For Testing

Centerpoint Energy crews and investigators with the Minnesota Office of Pipeline Safety (MnOPS) spent Friday surveying the pipe that ruptured into flames Friday in an attempt to remove the failed pipe segment and sent it to a laboratory for testing.


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Gas Prices Threaten Recovery

Lunchtime at La Cucaracha Mexican restaurant in St. Paul is busy. Likewise, in many other St. Paul restaurants, more folks are dining out more often.


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Gas Prices Rise As U.S. Prints Money

gallon of gas in the Twin Cities is running $3.49 a gallon.


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Explosion Levels Home In Circle Pines

Crews are investigating a home explosion that happened Friday afternoon in Circle Pines, Minn.