Gay Marriage Amendment

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Talking Points: Glittering Over Gay Marriage Amendment

A constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage in Minnesota will be brought to the polls next year but now it has created a split within the Republican Party.


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Reality Check: Dayton And His Veto Spree

After vetoing the entire Republican agenda, Gov. Mark Dayton has distinguished himself as one of the most veto-happy governors Minnesota has ever had.



Dayton Vetoes Marriage Amendment In Symbolic Move

Gov. Mark Dayton has vetoed the bill that calls for a statewide vote next year on a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, but acknowledged it’s a symbolic move and he can’t keep it off the ballot.


(credit: Minnesota House)

GOP Rep. Kriesel Votes Against Gay Marriage Ban

A constitutional amendment banning gay marriage is one step away from landing on Minnesota’s 2012 election ballot. But a Republican state representative is bucking his party to stop it.




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