Minn. Couple Challenges Native American Adoption LawNative American parents John and Jane Doe -- as their lawyer calls them -- want a better life for their child. Attorney Mark Fiddler says the child is already living with the soon-to-be adoptive white parents, but the adoption is no guarantee.
Genocide Took His Parents, Now St. Olaf Gives Him HopeIn the baggage claim of MSP International Airport balloons, signs and nervous anticipation greeted a young man with a simple dream. At 21, Norbert Abayisenga was on his first ever flight, from his native Rwanda to Minnesota.
Alledged War Criminal In Minneapolis....Click the link and tell John your thoughts!
Turkish Group Claims U Of Minn. 'Blacklisted' SiteA Turkish advocacy group has sued the University of Minnesota, claiming one department "blacklisted" its Internet site because of the group's pro-Turkish viewpoint on the killings of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire 95 years ago.
Twin Cities Law Prof Called Back To Rwanda
Jailed Lawyer In Court In Rwanda
St. Paul Attorney Ill In Rwanda

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