Gillette Children’s Hospital

(credit: CBS)

Boy With Cerebral Palsy Finds A New Voice

Imagine never really knowing what your child is feeling because he cannot speak. Then think of the moment that all changes.


Teme Larson had his leg amputated so he can walk for the first time. (credit: CBS)

Parents Give Boy New Family; Doctors Give Hope To Walk

It’s a story that spreads across the world from Minnesota to Africa. With help from Minnesota doctors, an Iowa family is giving new hope to their adopted son.


(credit: CBS)

Friends Make 1,000 Cranes For Classmate In Hospital

Guadalupe Galeno Hernandez, a Minnesota girl who was paralyzed after getting shot, was visited by her friends Friday at the Gillette Children’s Hospital in St. Paul. They brought her several things and gave her good reason to laugh and giggle.




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