Bachmann Broadens Muslim Brotherhood AllegationsRep. Michele Bachmann has accused a fellow Minnesota congressman, Democrat Keith Ellison, of having associations with the Muslim Brotherhood, a fundamentalist group with political strength in Egypt.
Glenn Beck Questions The Timing Of Bin Laden Killing
Jon Stewart Parodies Glenn BeckOver the years, Daily Show host Jon Stewart has had plenty of fun at the expense of Fox News host Glenn Beck. Now, with the news of Beck's "transition" out of his nightly show, Stewart took the opportunity last night to do his biggest, boldest parody yet. Take a look at the video.
Glenn Beck On TodayGlenn Beck was on the Today Show this morning, and there was some interesting back and forth with Meredith Vieira. We've got a link to the video.
Sarah Palin Mixes Up Her "North" & "South"Sarah Palin was on Glenn Beck's radio show talking about the recent military tensions between North and South Korea when she said, "But obviously we’ve gotta stand with our North Korean allies..."
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