Too Fat For "American Idol"?A young woman claims that she was removed from one of the front rows at an "American Idol" taping last week because she was "too heavy" according to show staff. Check out the interview from Good Morning America.
Jenn Sterger On GMAPart one of Good Morning America's interview with Jenn Sterger aired this morning. If you missed it, check out the vdeio.
Jenn Sterger's Upcoming GMA InterviewsThe woman involved in the Brett Favre "cell phone photo" scandal is set to tell her side of the story this week on ABC's Good Morning America. The NY Post has a preview.
Bill Clinton Says He'd Arm Libyan RebelsThe former president appeared on Good Morning America and when asked about the crisis in Libya, said that unlike the current administration's policy, he'd be in favor of arming the Libyan rebels. Take a look.
Robin Roberts Explains What Happened With Chris BrownWe told you yesterday about Chris Brown tearing up his dressing room after his interview on Good Morning America. Today we've got video from Robin Roberts who conducted the interview, on what happened behind the scenes. Take a look.
Bachmann 'Undecided' About 2012Rep. Michele Bachmann says she hasn't decided whether to run for president but wants to help "set the table" for debate in the 2012 White House sweepstakes.
Pawlenty Takes On Talk Shows With 'Courage To Stand'Tim Pawlenty has a Bible verse for almost every situation. He relaxes by watching hockey fights online. And his advice for members of Congress responsible for America's complicated tax code: Do your own taxes.
Pawlenty On 'GMA,' 'The View' To Plug New BookBopping from one national TV interview to the next, Republican Tim Pawlenty played for laughs Tuesday to counter a humdrum image while also asserting himself as a tested figure who could be a credible presidential candidate.
Inside The Box: Deanna Favre TalksThe wife of Vikings Quarterback Brett Favre is answering questions about him on national television.

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