Good Questions: Thunder, Pop And SnoringIt's Friday, so that means WCCO's John Lauritsen is answering some of your Good Questions. This weeks questions are about thunder, soda pop and snoring.
Good Question: Why Is It So Hard To Pass A Law?A day-long gun control protest in the United States House is over. After more than 25 hours on the floor, Democrats ended their sit-in Thursday afternoon.
Good Question: How Often Should We Get Checkups?Like a finely-tuned engine, how we care for our bodies goes a long way in determining how long it lasts. Women tend to take their health more seriously and go in for more screenings and exams, especially over age 40.
Good Question: For How Long Should Our Vehicles Run?Summer vacation means plenty of cross-country road trips. After a few summers, the miles definitely add up. So for how long should our vehicles run? Good Question.
Good Questions: Fly Buzzing, Ketchup & MushroomsIt's Friday, so we are answering some of your Good Questions from the past week!
Good Question: How Do Viruses Make Our Smartphones Sick?Smartphones connect us to family and friends and hold personal information hackers want to get their hands on. So, how do viruses make our smartphones sick? Good Question.
Good Question: Who Is Stopped By Background Checks?There is no law currently that prevents people on terror watch lists from buying firearms. Gun advocates argue a law like that would deny due process to people who may be wrongly placed on the terror list.
Good Question: How Is Your Credit Score Determined?Your credit score plays a role in so many things; from buying a home to getting a student loan. It even plays a role in getting car insurance. And it affects millions of consumers.
Good Question: Why Can't We Block Terror Groups From The Internet?With ISIS and other terror groups using the web to spread their message, why can't we block terror groups from the Internet? Good Question.
Good Questions: Twinkling Stars, Crackling Wood & HeatwavesIt’s Friday and that means we’re answering some of your Good Questions. This week: Why do stars twinkle? Why does wood crackle when it burns?
Good Question: Do Strikes Work?Thousands of Twin Cities nurses say they will go on strike on June 19. The walkout at five Allina hospitals is scheduled to last a week.
Good Question: What Does Dairy Do To Us?Aaron Rodgers may be a Pro Bowl quarterback in Dairlyand, but his dietary decisions are not going over well with cheeseheads. Rodgers announced Tuesday that he has cut dairy from his diet.

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