Good Question: What Causes Do We Give To?The ALS Association says the money raised from the Ice Bucket Challenge helped lead to the discovery of a gene connected to the disease.
Good Question: What Foods Should Dogs Not Eat?We all know dogs can sometimes be naughty when it comes to food. Some of us have learned that the hard way after a late-night trip to the vet.
Good Question: How Does Air Conditioning Work?We're so used to it by now that many of us don't twice about how we keep our homes at a pleasant 70 degrees.
Good Question: What Is WikiLeaks?Over the weekend, 20,000 hacked emails from Democratic Party officials were posted on the WikiLeaks website. So, what is WikiLeaks? Good Question.
Good Questions: Heat Lightning, Political Conventions, 'OK'What causes heat lightning? Who pays for the political conventions? What is the origin of OK? These are all Good Questions!
Good Question: Who Does The U.S. Have Treaties With?An attack on one member is an attack on them all. That is what Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty states. But Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump said Thursday he would challenge that.
Good Question: What Should We Know About Sunscreen?Surveys have shown one-third of us don't know the basics about sunscreen: Does it expire? When should you put it on? How much do you use?
Good Question: What Exactly Is The Heat Index?The temperature on Thursday is expected to be in the mid-90s, but it could feel as hot as 110 degrees in some parts of Minnesota.
Good Question: How Do Prescription Drugs Get Their Names?Zyrtec, Xeljanz, Lipitor. They might sound like strange words, but they're now household names after billions of dollars of advertising by drug companies. That had Kim from River Falls wanting to know: How do prescription drugs get their names?
Good Questions: Gas Tax, Rainbows & RiversIt’s Friday, so we’re answering some of your Good Questions. This week we find out how rainbows form and more.
Good Question: How Much Food Do We Waste?Every day, we throw out tons and tons of food -- $162 billion worth each year.
Good Question: How Much Does The Vice President Pick Matter?Donald Trump tweeted Wednesday night that he will announce his pick for vice president Friday morning.

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