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New Yahoo CEO Grew Up In Wisconsin

Yahoo has tapped another Wisconsin native to lead the Internet company. Thirty-seven-year-old Marissa Mayer was an executive at Google before she accepted the challenge of trying to turn Yahoo around.



Good Question: ‘Reply All’ Dirty Rain & Smart Phone Traffic

We’ve had a fair amount of rain this spring, and it’s making our cars look just filthy.


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Branstad Will Attend Google Announcement

Gov. Terry Branstad says he’ll attend an announcement by Google in Council Bluffs.


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Iowa Considers Google’s $300 Million Investment

The California-based Internet giant Google is considering making another $300 million investment in Council Bluffs that officials say could give the state and region a big boost.


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Local Business Owners Meet With Google’s Eric Schmidt

Seventy-five years ago, the Johnson family set down roots in the floral business. It’s shop along Grand Avenue in St. Paul grew steadily. When the Internet came along in the mid-1990s, it truly blossomed. The Johnson’s soon discovered the power of the Google search engine.


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Google Exec Talks Online Piracy Bills In Minneapolis

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt says Congress is taking the wrong approach to fighting online piracy.


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Google Chairman Speaks At University Of Minnesota

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt is set to speak at the University of Minnesota on the future of the high-technology economy.


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Somebody Hired This Guy

Matthew Epstein took a creative approach to getting a job, and it worked! Take a look at his video.


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Girls….You Asked For It! The Perfect Boyfriend!

Hilarious look at what the perfect boyfriend would be like! Is this what your looking for ladies?


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Work Styles Across the Country and Around the World

Want two months vacation? A three-day weekend every weekend? An afternoon nap break? Maybe all you need to do is switch jobs…



Guy Takes On Google Guitar Page!

Guy takes Google Guitar and strums some sweet music.


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This Kid Is Just Plain Cool!

A 7 year old turns Google on its ear!


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Shakopee Student, 9, Finalist In Google Art Competition

Each year, Google dips into the artistic talents of kids around the U.S. One girl from Minnesota is a finalist in this year’s competition.


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Google’s Fiber Broadband Network Goes To Kansas City

It was not for a lack of effort. Duluth officials spent countless hours and thousands of dollars trying to lure Google’s high-speed fiber broadband network to the northeastern Minnesota city.


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Hottest Twin Cities Search Terms On Google

Google has come out with a list of the 10 fastest rising terms that people in the Twin Cities are using.


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Good To Know: The Green, Grand, Google

There is interesting news out of Wall Street. Google, the internet search engine, blew past all projections and drove stocks higher than expected. Don Shelby says Google and its kind may become more powerful than we can imagine.