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Gordy’s Garage: Selling Service, Preparing For Winter

Last weekend’s snow may be the reminder we all need to make sure our vehicles are up to the winter weather ahead.


MacPherson Strut (credit: CBS)

Gordy’s Garage: MacPherson Strut Replacement

Lonna came by The Garage recently “because I’ve received three significantly different quotes for struts and rear shocks in my 2002 Acura MDX.”


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Gordy’s Garage: Off The Road Again

If you own a high-mileage vehicle, you may someday be faced with having an engine changed. It is not common, but it does happen.


(credit: CBS)

Gordy’s Garage: Odd Vehicles

We’ve had a few visitors at The Garage lately who have “dropped off” some unique and interesting rides.


(credit: CBS)

Gordy’s Garage: Folding Mirrors

I was driving by a line of parked cars the other day on a busy street, and I noticed one smart driver had the “traffic” side mirror folded in on his/her car.


(credit: CBS)

Gordy’s Garage: Gasoline Questions

We were pleased to receive two questions at The Garage recently, and both concern gasoline additives.


(credit: CBS)

Gordy’s Garage: Mayor Motoring

Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak has had a Toyota Prius for some time as his official city car. But he recently got a different Prius that has been modified by a new business in Minneapolis called ReGo.


(credit: CBS)

Gordy’s Garage: The Muffler Mess

A short time ago, in a place very near here, I got to see an example of do-it-yourself car repair. At least, I HOPE this was an example of a car owner trying to save money … and not the work of a so-called “professional” shop.


Kirby Puckett - 1991 World Series

Gordy’s Garage: Kirby’s Corvette

People who visit The Garage often ask questions, and that is why we’re here. But sometimes readers provide answers.


(credit: CBS)

Gordy’s Garage: Got Mice?

A mouse can be a good thing, if you are using it on your desk top to navigate the web. The original version, however, with hair and teeth, can be a problem.


(credit: CBS)

Gordy’s Garage: Hot Batteries

Did you know summer heat is actually harder on your vehicle’s battery than winter cold?




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